public health adaptation strategies
  to extreme weather events

  • Heat waves
    Heat waves
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Cold spells
    Cold spells
  • Synergies with air pollution
    Synergies with air pollution
  • Susceptible subgroups
    Susceptible subgroups

WP 8 - Identification of vulnerable subgroups to extreme weather events

Work package 8 is coordinated by Umea University in Sweden.

The aim of this work package is to define protocols for the identification of susceptibility factors (considering different health indicators and information on demographic characteristics, socio-economic position, and health status) for each extreme weather event, and to identify the characteristics of health resilience that improve the ability to adapt to extreme weather events.

Tasks carried out within this work package include:

  • Literature review on individual risk factors and subgroups vulnerable to specific extreme weather events (particularly to heat, air pollution, and flooding);
  • To provide definition of country-specific cohorts;
  • To provide an inventory of mechanisms to estimate the number of persons in a specific category and to identify individuals as belonging to a vulnerable group;
  • To initiate a new integrated framework for the selection of vulnerable groups, based on the results of the review of vulnerable groups and available mechanisms in the health sector and at the local level in Europe.


  • Literature review of existing selection procedures in European countries
  • Definition of methods for the identification of susceptibility factors
  • Selection of population subgroups

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