public health adaptation strategies
  to extreme weather events

  • Heat waves
    Heat waves
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Cold spells
    Cold spells
  • Synergies with air pollution
    Synergies with air pollution
  • Susceptible subgroups
    Susceptible subgroups

WP 7 - Synergies between air pollution, extreme weather events and wild fires

Work package 7 is coordinated by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece.

The aim of this work package is to construct a framework of tools to improve preparedness for and response to the impacts of air pollutants (from multiple sources and synergies with different extreme weather events), particularly to vulnerable subgroups. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a comprehensive literature review on how extreme weather events and wildfires affect the composition of air pollution (including formation of ambient particles and ozone);
  • Investigate the health indicators and potential synergies between: air pollutants and extreme weather events, and air pollutants and wildfires;
  • Compilation of the database for cities (daily air pollution, meteorological variables, health indicators);
  • Proposing a method for monitoring the incidence of air pollution-related mortality and morbidity.


  • Report on how extreme weather events/wildfires change the composition of air pollution
  • Report on the synergy between air pollution and extreme weather events/wildfires


  • Prof. Klea Katsouyanni WP7 leader - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

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