public health adaptation strategies
  to extreme weather events

  • Heat waves
    Heat waves
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Cold spells
    Cold spells
  • Synergies with air pollution
    Synergies with air pollution
  • Susceptible subgroups
    Susceptible subgroups

WP 6 - Prevention of health effects of wild fires

Work package 6 is coordinated by the University Pierre at Marie Curie in France.

The aim of this work package is to develop a framework of tools to improve preparedness for and response to the impacts of wild fires. Specific tasks are:

  • To provide a comprehensive literature review on the on the health effects of wild fires based on the work carried out by the CDC, WHO and Health Canada;
  • To investigate fire episodes in terms of their environmental characteristics and exposed populations in Europe since 1997;
  • To evaluate the health impacts on people living around fire areas;
  • To collate databases on wildfires, related data and health indicators during wildfires; and
  • To harmonise health data in order to facilitate comparisons across countries, and to develop a database of environmental exposures and health outcomes;


  • Report on the acute and chronic health effects of air pollution at risk areas
  • Mitigation measures, and methodology for assessing the health impacts of wildfires

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