public health adaptation strategies
  to extreme weather events

  • Heat waves
    Heat waves
  • Floods
  • Wildfires
  • Cold spells
    Cold spells
  • Synergies with air pollution
    Synergies with air pollution
  • Susceptible subgroups
    Susceptible subgroups

Floods Publications

PHASE project results on floods effects and evaluation of prevention measures are published in public health Journals.


Climate changes, floods, and health consequences [external link. Contents in Italian language]

Factors increasing vulnerability to health effects before, during and after floods [external link]

The National Flood Emergency Framework for England [external link]

Flooding: advice for the Public (external PDF, 5.3 MB)

Power Outages, Extreme Events and Health: a Systematic Review of the Literature from 2011-2012 [external link]

Floods in the WHO European Region: health effects and their prevention [external link]

The effects of flooding on mental health: Outcomes and recommendations from a review of the literature
PLoS Currents Disasters. 2012 May 30 [last modified: 2012 May 30] doi: 10.1371/4f9f1fa9c3cae [external link]

Health impacts from extreme events water shortages: executive summary [external PDF]

Health impacts from extreme events water shortages: full report [external PDF]

Association between Precipitation Upstream of a Drinking Water Utility and Nurse Advice Calls Relating to Acute Gastrointestinal Illnesses [external link]

Examining the relationship between infectious diseases and flooding in Europe [external link]


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